Council Procedures, Policies, Plans and Registers

The Parish Council would like to share as much information with members of the public as possible.  This page will contain links to updates on Procedures, Policies, Plans and Registers that you may find useful.

Procedures and Policy

Click on the links below to read the documents listed for the Parish Council:

PC Recording of Meetings Policy

PC Complaints Policy

PC Vexatious Complaints Policy

PC Council Vacancies

PC Policy on hiring out Briantspuddle Amenity Car Park for holding an event

PC Car Park Risk Assessment

PC Data Protection Policy

PC ICO Registration Certificate

PC Records Retention Policy

PC Subject Access Request Procedure

PC Data Breach Policy

click on the link below for a Grants Application Form in MS Word

Registers and Plans

Click on the links below to read about the Council Asset and Risk Registers and the 2004 Parish Plan and the Snow Plan

Risk Register

Affpuddle and Turnerspuddle Parish Plan 2004

Snow Plan