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Briantspuddle is the central village containing all the public amenities of the Parish of Affpuddle and Turnerspuddle. Sponsored by the Parish Council, this website has been built and is managed by voluntary resident effort on behalf of the Council for the benefit of the community and to enable all to be aware of a small part of the stunning County of Dorset.

Shop and PO AGM

The Shop & Post Office AGM was planned to take place on Friday 21 January. Sadly the Committee has decided that it would be best to postpone this for now and will plan to hold it in April. Hopefully this will allow more of our supporters to attend.

If you are unsure about whats what in these days of COVID restrictions

Check out the Coronavirus Page

The Parish Covid-19 Helpline

The support group’s work is all but done but if in desparate need the helpline number 07745 796118 is still there but has been diverted to a personal number and will be checked once a day. For more details on local and national issues please read the Coronavirus Page.

Winter Energy Vouchers

Eligible households can apply through Dorset Council for £200 in vouchers to help towards energy costs this winter.

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