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Briantspuddle is the central village containing all the public amenities of the Parish of Affpuddle and Turnerspuddle. Sponsored by the Parish Council, this website has been built and is managed by voluntary resident effort on behalf of the Council for the benefit of the community and to enable all to be aware of a small part of the stunning County of Dorset.

Christmas Church Services

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Felting workshop in the Village Hall on Saturday 10 December

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Briantspuddle – Temporary road closure

All vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along The Hollow, Briantspuddle between Cull Peppers Dish Road and Moor Lane (in both directions), a distance of approximately 640 metres. It will come into operation between 08:00 until 16:00 on 15th December 2022 and remain in force for five days, however it is anticipated that the works will be completed by 15th December 2022.

For more detail read:

History of the Parish

Dorset Enduro motorcycle club

are organising their bi-annual motorcycle event in Moreton Forest and wish to bring it to your attention. It will take place on Sunday 18th December 2022 and will involve restricted access to the forest for this day only. We will be preparing the forest for several weekends beforehand to a plan, agreed with Forestry England. If you have any questions please get in touch, we are all local and value this precious access that we are permitted. Regards, Craig Redmond 07748 420128.

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