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Briantspuddle is the central village containing all the public amenities of the Parish of Affpuddle and Turnerspuddle. Sponsored by the Parish Council this website has been built and is managed by voluntary resident effort on behalf of the Council for the benefit of the community and to enable all to be aware of a small part of the stunning County of Dorset.

More to open..

  • Outdoor pools will be able to re-open from 11 July
  • Indoor gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities can re-open from 25 July
  • Grassroots sport will be able to return from this coming weekend, beginning with cricket
  • Outdoor theatres will be able to start up from Saturday
  • Singing and the playing of brass and wind instruments will be allowed in professional environments and Mr Dowden said specific scientific studies on the risks had been commissioned.
  • Small pilots of indoor performances, with socially distanced audiences, will also take place to help work out the best way for them to restart
  • From 13 July, beauticians, tattooists, spas, tanning salons and other close-contact services can reopen “subject to some restrictions on particularly high-risk services

COVID-19 Food Parcels for shielding residents

With the government’s recent announcement of shielding coming to an end here is some important information about how eligible residents can access, or continue to access, priority supermarket delivery slots. Importantly they will continue to be available if you have already signed up for support.

If you are not already signed up for support you must do so by 17 July using the Government website https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable as it will close on 17 July. All government food parcels will stop on 31 July.

Temporary road closure Briantspuddle

The bridge on Moor Lane in Briantspuddle requires structural maintenance work which Dorset Council are due to carry out. As a result, the bridge will be fully closed from the 13th July 2020 to the 21st August 2020. No night time or weekend access will be permitted. At this time, the diversion route will take you through Affpuddle. Read more and see map on Council Notices Page.

The Church is open

St Laurence’s at Affpuddle is open for private prayer each Sunday and Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm.

The Framptons Charity

Helping young people with their educational needs. Apply by 31 August. Read more on the News page.

NHS Test and Trace in action

Test and Trace will give far more detail on how and where the virus is spreading as realease from lockdown gathers pace . This information could lead to local lockdowns to tackle flare-ups in towns, schools or workplaces. Personal distancing stays in force although the Government is looking into ways of reducing this. More detail on how the scheme works through this website’s Test and Trace page

On the slow COVID-19 run home but…..

it is no time to lose control. See this website’s Coronavirus page for the five conditions to relax lockdown, the details on who is eligible for testing and how to get it done through the government website. See also what it means that the Alert State has changed down from 4 to 3.

Please be aware that face coverings are mandatory on public transport and when entering hospitals either as a visitor or as a patient. They need to worn properly to be effective – lots of advice on the internet.

Poster with COVID 19 helpline contact information
illustration of social distancing
social distancing

Please remember that social distancing still very much applies

The Shop and Post office is still very much in business

and doing their utmost to keep the shelves full and doors open. To comply with Government Instruction only one customer can be present in the shop at any one time – details on how to achieve this are on the Shop and Post Office page.

A newspaper delivery service is offered free of charge for those who are self-isolating. Please contact the shop via the parish helpline parishhelpline@gmail.com or use 07745 796118 for more details and to put in your order.

The shop now has the ability to accept card payment including contactless or by using PIN

Lots of meat, fruit and veg available – see Shop and Post Office page for details

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