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Affpuddle & Turnerspuddle Parish Council

Charles Barter – A Life to Celebrate

Parish Council response to the 2021 draft Dorset Local Plan

The Parish Council’s complete response can be read in the document below.

Reporting Non-urgent Crimes and Police Issues

There are often occasions where anti-social behaviour, suspicious activity or minor crimes go unreported. In order for the police to establish the extent of the problem and act accordingly, it is important that these instances are reported every time with as much detail provided as possible. If the police can establish any kind of pattern then it can inform future patrols.

To report any non-urgent crimes to the Police, you can call 101 but you can also report online using the link below:

Or you can email Dorset Police using the email address below: 

Dog Fouling

Parish Councillors have been made aware of a particular issue concerning dog fouling along footpaths in the parish. Dog fouling laws are in place because dog faeces are unsightly and unpleasant.  They also represents a serious health hazard. 

Toxocariasis can cause serious illness, leading to blindness.  It is caused by a parasite which lays its eggs in the soil.  If they are ingested by someone, for example a small child, they may hatch into larvae causing toxocariasis.  So, the child doesn’t necessarily have to pick up dog faeces in order to become infected – they could just be playing where the soil still contains eggs.

Councillors very much hope that this article will highlight the anti-social consequences of not clearing up after your dog.  Dog owners need to be aware that the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 allows local authorities and communities to create bylaws relating to dog mess and issue dog control orders against individual owners for offences including allowing their dog to foul in a public space.  Councils can issue fixed penalty orders and serious cases can result in prosecution.

If you witness dog fouling the best place to log the incident is with the Dog Warden at Dorset Council.  The link to the website is below

Cutting back of overgrown hedges

This matter has been referred to the Parish Council as a road safety issue.  Overgrown hedges do impair both visibility and the ability for vehicles to pass in narrow lanes.  It may be that residents are planning to use this month to cut back hedges and the parish council would be most grateful for this effort.  If particular problems persist the parish council is tasked to report issues to Highways who will liaise directly with landowners and in some cases carry out the work themselves and seek to recharge the resident.

A helpful pamphlet, published by Dorset Council, can be downloaded using the link below

Best Small Village in Dorset 2018

Councillors had entered Briantspuddle in the Best Small Village Competition earlier in the year and were delighted to win this prestigious award amid very stiff competition. For more details click on the link below

Best Small Village 2018

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act has been updated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective from 25th May 2018. Within Purbeck District Council guidance the Parish Council have adopted a number of policies and procedures ensuring compliance, all of which can be found under the Policies and Procedures tab. The Privacy Notice covering this work can be read on PDF copy by clicking on the link below

General Privacy Notice

Housing Needs Survey 2016

February 2017 update – Rob Aspray, Regional Head of Development for Hastoe Housing Association and Chris McDermott, Senior Housing Officer at Purbeck District Council attended the February 2017 meeting of the Parish Council in order to hear local views. The Parish Council had been made aware that a landowner had offered land to be considered a Rural Exception Site but but had not been told where. About 20 parishioners attended but remain unaware of the proposed site. Rob Aspray and Chris McDermott made it clear that the Parish Council would be informed of developments. The matter will be discussed as an agenda item at the March Parish Council Meeting.

The Housing Needs Survey was carried out in September 2016 by Purbeck District Council. Click on the link below for a PDF copy of the result


Fly Tipping

Fly tipping can be reported to Purbeck District Council who have a duty to collect it. Click on the link below to fill in a form on the Dorset Council website


or call 01929 556561 and they will come out within a few days.  Sadly this means that we all pay for the poor conduct of the few!

Tractor & trailer movements through Affpuddle & Southover

A number of residents contacted the Parish Council to express concerns about tractor and trailer movements through Affpuddle & Southover. As a result of this the Council invited the Landowner, David Cobb of J F Cobb & Sons to its August meeting in order to hear about the concerns raised and to explore whether any measures could be taken to address these.

After a productive meeting the following measures will either be introduced or reinforced;

Trailer Driving Instructions

At the start of each operation Trailer Driving Instructions are issued to all drivers. The highest priority is described as “Our speed limit for tractors through villages is 15mph maximum. Please drive especially cautiously and courteously through villages.”

It was agreed that the speed limit will be reinforced to drivers. The Council has also been reassured that the Farm Foreman constantly monitor the operation of all tractors, trailers and machinery as well as being on site during each operation.

David Cobb has also stressed that he is keen to ensure that the work done is carried out as safely and respectfully as possible. He has therefore requested that if problems are encountered by residents he is notified. A note description of the vehicle would be helpful, in particular a note of the registration number. Contact details for J F Cobb & Sons are;

Tel: 01305 852815 ext.1  Email:

One-way route followed through Tolpuddle & Affpuddle

A one-way route during operations is to be instigated through Tolpuddle & Affpuddle. This will mean that vehicles will not cross in lanes and villages. Amongst amenity benefits, in particular to walkers and horse riders, it should minimise damage to grass verges.

Liquid Fertiliser traffic movements

J F Cobb & Sons will look to minimise the volume of traffic to Tolpuddle, as a result of the movement of liquid fertiliser. Alternatives are being sought so as to minimise traffic further.

Local communication before the commencement of each operation

It has been agreed that the Parish Council will be notified in advance of any work taking place in the Parish. In turn this information will be made available on Affpuddle noticeboard and on the community website. Representatives of the Church will also be notified.

The Parish Council would like to thank David Cobb for attending the meeting and for being constructive in responding to the concerns of Parishioners.