Roger Hewitt’s slide show

Campbell’s slide show

If you would like your own slide show on this site along with Roger’s and Campbell’s please contact the webmaster using the website contact form so that image format and number of images can be discussed.

There is an exceptionally varied range of habitats in the area, some contained within several Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCIs), which support many rare species of wildlife. With care, the Hobby, Nightjar, Skylark and Wood Warbler can all be found without wandering off the footpath. Crayfish are a feature of chalk streams such as The Piddle. Occasionally an Otter can be glimpsed, though Kingfisher and Trout are much more likely to be spotted.

Although there is no formal group as such and no formal gathering, the parish supports an enthusiastic meeting of minds of a number of people with wildlife interests at heart. Wildlife-orientated events (ideas and helpers always needed) are arranged regularly and a newsletter is produced several times a year for which all contributions are welcome. Contact details are as follows: Margaret Cheetham 01929 471317.