The Wildlife section of the website has been elevated to a front page tab – no longer lost in the shrubbery of the Local Interest section!

There is an exceptionally varied range of habitats in the area, some contained within several Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCIs), which support many rare species of wildlife. With care, the Hobby, Nightjar, Skylark and Wood Warbler can all be found without wandering off the footpath. Crayfish are a feature of chalk streams such as The Piddle. Occasionally an Otter can be glimpsed, though Kingfisher and Trout are much more likely to be spotted.

Although there is no formal group, a Newsletter is regularly produced from contributions sent to Margaret Cheetham who puts them all together on a regular basis – see the bottom of the Newsletter for contact details and to access any back copies.

phot of a barn owl in flight
Barn Owl in Briantpsuddle – photo by Roger Hewitt June 2020

Roger Hewitt’s slide show

  • Small Blue
  • Brimstone
  • Large Emerald moth
  • 7 Spot Ladybird larva
  • Bee Orchid
  • Bladder Campion
  • Hedge Woundwort
  • Pyramid Orchid
  • Sika stag
  • Smooth Snake
  • Vipers Bugloss
  • Northern Wheatear
  • Orange Tip
  • Autumn Ladies Tresses
  • female Banded Demoiselle
  • Brown Hawker
  • Common Toadflax
  • Keeled Skimmer
  • Mandarin ducks
  • Migrant Hawker
  • Red Kite
  • Grey Wagtail
  • Grey Wagtail juvenile
  • Reed Warbler
  • Azure Damselfly
  • Azure Damselfly
  • Downy Emerald Dragonfly
  • Four-spotted Chaser
Woodpecker feeding its young
Woodpecker feeding its young – photo Trish Smith
mare and foal
Mare and foal in Briantspuddle
female pheasant and her brood
Female pheasant and her brood in a Briantspuddle back garden