Waste Not

Much is in the news about climate change and the parts played by carbon footprints and management of waste and resources. Without wishing to replicate advice given by a variety of organisations the Dorset County website section is a useful starting point to try and understand what we can do for ourselves – and possibly save mony in the process.


Things that can be done locally:

Old Newspapers

Old newspapers are collected by the Bladen Social Club and packed up to be sent to the proper waste disposal arrangements. Take them to the small wooden shed by the Club entrance. A small return is used by the Club for charitable purposes – so a win win all round.

Plant Pots

Perhaps you know of someone who is a keen plant producer for sale at village events and elsewhere and would like unwanted pots freely given? If you are that producer and would like your contact details on this site please use the website Contact Form

Lots of pots available – please contact topsi45@hotmail.com

Plea from Wessex Water

Help reduce their carbon content by reducing the number of times that Wessex Water have to attend to blocked drains:

Read all about the three Ps on www.wessexwater.co.uk/stoptheblock

This page is a very recent initiative so any more ideas would be welcome – please use the Contact Form to get in touch