Anyone over five showing symptoms of Covid-19 can now get tested. Read the NHS advice on their website:


Please remember that those who volunteer to help must first seek guidance from the community COVID-19 Response Group if they are to assist to best effect:

Volunteers are regularly updated and the latest position can be read below. If back copies are required please contact the Group Admin by email parishhelpline@gmail.com

Appreciation for the work done by the Group

From NHS Dorset

2 July 2020
Thank you for all you’ve done; you can continue to help us help you. The NHS in Dorset would like to say thank you for everything you are doing to support our staff during the global coronavirus pandemic…….

From the CEO’s Office County Hall

Chief Executive’s Office County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester, DT1 1XJ Tel 01305 221000 website www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
4 June 2020
RE. Volunteers Week 1 – 7 June 2020

Dear resident volunteer,
I would like to take this opportunity to say a personal thank you for your help during the current COVID-19 crisis. You, together with our 6,000+ community volunteers, continue to support our vulnerable Dorset residents by volunteering within your local community, it is a truly outstanding community effort.
Whether you have been assisting with grocery shopping, collecting prescriptions, telephonebefriending or anything else, I am truly astounded by your local community response. I have seen first-hand just how much your personal human interaction and contact means to our vulnerable and isolated residents.
For our vulnerable residents their need will continue for the long term so I hope, as your daily lives adjust back towards a new normal, you can continue to support where you can.
Once again thank you for what you are doing, the valuable time you have given and the difference you are making.
Yours gratefully
Matt Prosser
Chief Executive – Dorset Council

This message is virtually repeated in this Utube clip:

Extract from a letter from The Volunteer Centre Dorset

Volunteer Centre Dorset Reg Office:- The Coach House, Acland Road, Dorchester. Dorset. DT1 1EF. Telephone 01305 269214 E-mail: info@volunteeringdorset.org.uk, Website: www.volunteeringdorset.org.uk
4 June 2020

Dear Volunteer

This is a time when we would normally be holding a variety of events to celebrate the contribution volunteers make across the County, this year is very different in that we are unable to have get-togethers and see each other face to face, but also that we welcome an army of new volunteers carrying out roles that we may not normally think of. We want to say a huge “THANK YOU”. The current COVID crisis has meant that many people in our communities have needed support for the simple tasks in life, those that have needed to isolate and be shielded have relied heavily upon the care and compassion of people who have stepped forward to help. The help has been incredible and with 1000’s of volunteers across the county carrying out daily tasks such as shopping, collecting prescriptions, carrying out telephone befriending, dog walking and generally being neighbourly has meant that those who are vulnerable in Dorset have been kept safe, well and feel connected. At the Volunteer Centre we are working closely with Community Response organisations, Age UK, Citizens Advice, Food Banks, Dorset Council, Public Health, NHS Dorset across the county, creating a strong partnership to ensure people’s needs are met through volunteer assistance, without your help people would be struggling and services would be under immense pressure, the difference you have made has been huge and very much appreciated. This statement is from one lady who is being supported by a volunteer, she asked me to pass this message on to you all:

Dear Volunteers,
As someone who has been shielding at home on their own for the past ten weeks, I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has been offering their time and talents to enable people like me to remain safe and secure.
Apart from the vital help in collecting prescriptions, the main impact of this lifeline has been one of reassurance. In the midst of the initial isolation and fear, the Volunteers coordination has been superb, providing a caring human voice with the promise of practical action which has been reliable and swift. Above all, I haven’t felt bad about asking for help, having received reassurance very early on that this was unnecessary; that you were there to help. So, thank you to those who have listened on the phone, those who have called to run errands, and everyone who has set aside their own needs and agendas in order to help someone else. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

Many of those who are being supported have asked us to pass on their heartfelt thanks to you all for making their lives better in so many ways. We have also received a message of thanks to pass on to you from Cllr Laura Miller:

Volunteer Week is an opportunity for all of us to thank our incredible volunteers, who have stood up and given so much to their local communities. Supporting people during this difficult time would simply not have been possible without you and so we send you all our heartfelt thanks’
Cllr Laura Miller
Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care & Health
Joint Member, West Purbeck Ward

We know we may not have contacted you all yet but we have contacted many and we continue to need your help, people will still need continued support even as restrictions lift, we still need to ensure people remain safe and well. What this has shown us is the incredible sense of community and care towards each other. Our aim is to continue working in partnership to carry on providing this type of support for those most vulnerable in our communities, and we welcome and appreciate your continued support to help us achieve this, and look forward to keeping in contact with you when and if you are able to carry on assisting us.

And finally, we have thanks from the Lord Lieutenant who is very aware of the community effort taking place across Dorset and he has asked that I pass this message to you:

As we approach volunteer week, particularly in the shadow of the current Covid–19 pandemic, I want to thank you all for your extraordinary, ongoing and selfless efforts as Dorset volunteers.
As the representative of Her Majesty the Queen within the County of Dorset, I wish to express my tremendous appreciation and admiration for your dedication to the care and wellbeing of the vulnerable individuals that you serve across the county. You do this in many ways through your splendid voluntary work.
I have been hugely impressed with the way organisations and individuals have come together to support the general effort to support the vulnerable in Dorset in all areas of their lives where they need that protection, support and help during the current crisis. I am also aware that this effort is
added onto the burden of the dedicated voluntary work that you, in normal times, take on with such determination. In many cases this effort has been doubled over the weeks of the current pandemic.
I know that Her Majesty would also wish me to thank you for all that you have done and are doing – particularly so in these difficult times.’
With very best wishes.

Extract from a letter written by a previous long term resident who regularly visits with reference to the Wildlife Newsletter:

“You are sending out cheery messages about the wild life around Briantspuddle, Throop, Turnerspuddle and Affpuddle and I understand that the Village Shop has come up trumps and stocks even more “lines”. Both organisations must have been a real help during these past and possibly future times. It would be wonderful for the photographers’ art to be remembered in the calendar. The Briantspuddle Shop calendar forms a large part of my Christmas present list and one goes to U.S.A. to a cousin who loved the 2020 calendar with the past and present photographs.

I always thought that with care and planning one could live in Briantspuddle and rely on the shop. I do hope those who are now relying on the shop remember when things get better and do not forget to spend at least a regular amount there. The Post Office was invaluable when I lived in Briantspuddle and I used to use it for banking for the various organisations for whose accounts I had responsibility. To be a bit “prudy” – one does not value what one has until it disappears!!

I do not know who is in charge of the shop now but please pass on my suggestion, that is if the other recipients to whom this email might have gone also help with the shop.

Thank you again for another light in my somewhat dreary day. I do not mind my own company but I do not want it forced on me!!”

Extract from an email from a son too far away to help

letter of appreciation from a son living too far away to help

Copy from a Newspaper

copy of note of thanks from residents writing their appreciation to the newspapers

and from the Earl and Countess of Wessex

The Earl and the Countess of Wessex send their heartfelt thanks too in a message sent to via the Dorset Volunteer Centre. Its quite a big video file..