Anyone over five showing symptoms of Covid-19 can now get tested. Read the NHS advice on their website:


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Please remember that those who volunteer to help must first seek guidance from the community COVID-19 Response Group if they are to assist to best effect:

Volunteers are regularly updated and the latest position can be read below. If back copies are required please contact the Group Admin by email parishhelpline@gmail.com

Appreciation for the work done by the Group

Extract from a letter written by a previous long term resident who regularly visits with reference to the Wildlife Newsletter:

“You are sending out cheery messages about the wild life around Briantspuddle, Throop, Turnerspuddle and Affpuddle and I understand that the Village Shop has come up trumps and stocks even more “lines”. Both organisations must have been a real help during these past and possibly future times. It would be wonderful for the photographers’ art to be remembered in the calendar. The Briantspuddle Shop calendar forms a large part of my Christmas present list and one goes to U.S.A. to a cousin who loved the 2020 calendar with the past and present photographs.

I always thought that with care and planning one could live in Briantspuddle and rely on the shop. I do hope those who are now relying on the shop remember when things get better and do not forget to spend at least a regular amount there. The Post Office was invaluable when I lived in Briantspuddle and I used to use it for banking for the various organisations for whose accounts I had responsibility. To be a bit “prudy” – one does not value what one has until it disappears!!

I do not know who is in charge of the shop now but please pass on my suggestion, that is if the other recipients to whom this email might have gone also help with the shop.

Thank you again for another light in my somewhat dreary day. I do not mind my own company but I do not want it forced on me!!”

letter of appreciation from a son living too far away to help
copy of note of thanks from residents writing their appreciation to the newspapers

The Earl and the Countess of Wessex send their heartfelt thanks too in a message sent to via the Dorset Volunteer Centre. Its quite a big video file..