The Parish in Pictures

A big thank you to everyone getting involved in the Parish in Pictures Project! We currently have around 35-40 squares being embroidered! All the pieces of material have been distributed and we are now onto my last reserves of material! So, if you would like to get involved this is your last chance! We have had everyone from complete novices to experienced embroiders get involved so don’t panic if you have never picked up a needle before! Don’t forget to attach your name when you drop them off so that we can make sure everyone gets credit J If you have any queries please contact the parish helpline at or 07745 796118.

picture of poster identifing the end date of the project as 19 July

This project is being sponsored by Amelia Chorley to try and create a patchwork of embroidered squares to hang in the village hall when COVID-19 is all but done. There are poster images and some U tube videos below to help explain. If anyone has any difficulty reading the posters or accessing the U tube channels please contact as above.

So far ……..