Short Mat Bowls

Short mat bowls has re-started.

The Short Mat Bowls Club meets in the village hall on the first and second Tuesday afternoons of each month at 2:30pm and on Monday evenings at 7:30pm during the remainder of each month.

Sessions last approximately two hours and we charge £2 per player on Monday evenings or £2.50 per player on Tuesday afternoons in order to pay for the hire of the hall.   On Tuesday afternoons the £2.50 includes tea and biscuits.

The club was founded with grant aided assistance from the Dorset Partnership for Older People Programme (POPP) and although POPP is primarily focused on those over 50 years of age the short mat bowls club welcomes all age groups to participate.

As a relatively new club none of the current players are experts and we are all enjoying trying to perfect our bowling skills together. We have two mats and plenty of bowling woods so we have capacity to welcome any new members who would like to “try their hand” at short mat bowls, or for more expert players whose skill and knowledge of the game we would much appreciate.

If you are interested either turn up on one of the days and times above or telephone Peter Talbot on 01929 472483.


Sponsored by the Dorset Partnership for Older People Programme