Reporting Local issues

There are a range of issues that you may want to report. The table below is not extensive but is intended to assist you in reporting to the proper authority. If you have an issue that is not included below and are unsure who to report to, try using an internet search engine to find the answer or use the contact page and we will try to help.

Please always call 999 to report emergencies such as when a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

Reporting the issues below directly is the fastest way to get results. If you are unable to use online reporting tools then there may be contact details on the webpages as well but if you are unable to report the problem yourself you can contact the Parish Council Clerk by email at

Issue to reportWho it should be reported tolink to the website and other contact information
Police matters, vandalism and crimes that are not urgent. Although you may not see any immediate result, it is important to always report criminal activity to the police as it helps them to allocate resources in the future and notice patterns which could help them to prevent further crimes.Dorset Police
Problems on roads, pavements, roadside verges and rights of way. Including but not limited to; trees or dead animals on the road/verge, pot holes, flooding, debris and litter.Dorset Council
Fly tipping – check out which advises people how to follow the rules about disposal of waste. As well as checking out the credentials of people who offer to get rid if bulk waste it advises that if you see a fly tip make a note of where it is, take a photo if you can, but don’t touch it or confront fly tippers in the act.Dorset or call on 01305 221040
Emergency problems on roads, pavements, roadside verges and rights of way. An emergency on the highway is defined as something that will cause, or has already caused, damage to a person or property.Dorset CouncilPlease call 01305 221020 (only in an emergency).
A problem with your household bins including requesting replacement bins or assistance in moving your bins.Dorset Council
Planning enforcement (unauthorised development).Dorset Council
Power cut.Scottish and Southern Electricity NetworksPlease call 105 to be put through.
Gas leak or emergency.National Gas Emergency ServicePlease call 0800 111 999
Street lighting on the A31 or A35 west of Bere Regis trunk roads.Highways EnglandEmail:
Tel: 0300 123 5000
Street lighting on other public roads.SSE
Telephone: 0800 068 4145
Damage to telephone poles or cables.Openreach0800 023 2023 (option 1)
A table to show who to report issues to. Please contact us if you cannot access this content.