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The class is run by Kathy Ashdown on a Tuesday morning in the Briantspuddle Village Hall from 0930. For details she can be contacted via her website by clicking on the link below


Pilates is a holistic and complete workout for the entire body and mind. Pioneered by Joseph Pilates with its origins in yoga, boxing, gymnastics and martial arts, it has been adapted to provide a comprehensive approach to exercise for all ages and abilities.

Unlike many exercise programmes, which can over-work dominant muscles, Pilates promotes small controlled movement that rebalances unhealthy posture and movement patterns. Designed to stretch and move every part of the body and with its focus on core stability, the use of breathing and correct alignment, it helps to build core strength, tone, flexibility, mobility and re-alignment. By leading from a strengthened core the body moves more efficiently. Medical professionals recommend Pilates as a preventative and rehabilitate exercise program, a discipline followed by many elite athletes, famous singers and dancers. Pilates benefits include relief from back pain and a positive impact on individuals’ mood, motivation, stress and improvement in memory.

Source: “Live Well” NHS Choices 2015