Wildlife Newsletter

The Newsletter is produced from contributions sent to Margaret Cheetham who puts them all together on a regular basis – see the bottom of the Newsletter for contact details. Please also contact her if you would like back copies. Please note that the files are in PDF format and usually between 0.5 and 3 Mb big:

Good evening! A special feature on a bug with shoulder pads. Plus a very cute Male Bank Vole and views from the garden windows of Affpuddle:

Good evening! Lots to get your teeth into – including some poetry by our local poet Thomas Hardy and a Shieldbug that has come out of hibernation early. As a bonus we have the January newsletter from our sister organisation in British Columbia:

Good evening! Get 2022 off to a great start with your observations and photos
Enjoy, and Happy New Year:

Good morning! A nice change from Turkey and Trimmings – a pirouetting Bullfinch and a little mystery creature that carries a manhole cover on its back. Enjoy!

Check out Turnerspuddle Heath (lots of opportunities for volunteering), Oakers Wood, Allotments Plantation – and a Black Swan:

Good afternoon! The weather has calmed down and Storm Arwen a distant memory. Attached is Erica Trust land before the storm. Plus some mystery eggs and updates from an Affpuddle garden: