Wildlife Newsletter

The Newsletter is produced from contributions sent to Margaret Cheetham who puts them all together on a regular basis – see the bottom of the Newsletter for contact details. Please also contact her if you would like back copies. Please note that the files are in PDF format and usually between 0.5 and 3 Mb big:

Good morning! Today we have a special edition on a strange and beautiful little heathland plant – the Heath Milkwort:

Good morning! Check out what’s just arrived – but will it breed here?  Let’s hope so:

Good morning! Today’s special feature is a Shieldbug to look out for – it’s everywhere in the parish right now. Also – how to have a hassle-free “No Mow May” – check out the photos of our Briantspuddle back garden. Last but not least, some informative garden pond updates and other news from the “West End” (Affpuddle, Southover etc). Something for everyone!

Good morning! An ID question, a dab hand and a hungry Goldfinch today. Something for everyone!

Good morning! Today’s special feature is a hidden woodland gem. Read all about it and keep your eyes peeled. Plus lots of other goodies to amuse and inspire you:

Good morning! A special feature on the Pied Shieldbug – have you seen it? And, as you’ll know by now, lots of other goodies. Today we have more plants and birds to inspire you:

Good evening! A special bluebell edition – enjoy them while they last:

Good morning! Today we feature Lousewort at Throop Heath and some Egyptian Geese goslings. All fluffy and cute, but so vulnerable… Keep a look out around the Piddle. Also attached is the May newsletter of our “sister organisation” in Delta, British Colombia (DNS).

This Edition: Erica Trust land, Marsh Marigolds, Robin activity, Garlic Mustard & Orange Tip:

Good morning! Lots to look out for –  small things, unusual colours…. As always, bags of inspiration from observant contributors:

Good morning! Exciting to receive hedgehog observations. Keep a look out everyone…! Plus a pheasant tale and a new species record for the parish.

Good morning! Did you know there are nettles that don’t sting? Read all about them here! Plus discussion on little mammals, a busy bird-feeder and a photo by the Piddle:

Good morning! A special feature today on Briantspuddle’s own little Armadillo. Plus Stock Doves in Throop, and more Violet observations:

Good Morning! Frost in May as I look out… A special report on Orange Tip camouflage. Plus some inspiring photos from Erica Trust land and Affpuddle:

Good morning! It’s a good year for violets – but how many species are there in the parish?

Good morning! Lots of butterfly and bird activity to look out for:

Good morning! A very colourful edition today, with Violets, Scarlet Tiger Moth caterpillar and Grey Wagtail:

Good morning! Erica Trust land opens a new path, but needs your assistance …. Plus – observing the Sparrows. Beautiful.

Good morning! Have you ever sniffed a butterfly? And why would you? :

Good morning! Today’s special feature is the Glow-worm – look out for them! Plus updates from Little Thatch. And what would you do if you found a bird’s egg in the middle of your garden path? 

Good morning! Something to look out for – the elusive Common Lizard. And a selection of beautiful brown birds: