Wildlife Newsletter

The Newsletter is produced from contributions sent to Margaret Cheetham who puts them all together on a regular basis – see the bottom of the Newsletter for contact details. Please also contact her if you would like back copies. Please note that the files are in PDF format and usually between 0.5 and 4 Mb big:

Good afternoon! I don’t usually put Ian on the front page, but with such wonderful news I broke my own rule. And, of course, other goodies – thought-provoking articles and interesting observations:

Good afternoon! A smashing little bee-fly, a fun frog enjoying a garden pond, and a fast-declining butterfly:

Good afternoon! As well as the Wildfire Mitigation Plan for Erica Trust Land, we have discussion of the Grayling – as well as other goodies of course. Enjoy this thought-provoking edition:

Good morning! Lots of updates and observations today (NB a Throop Barn Owl) to kick off a sunny week ahead. Check out the winning gardens in the horticultural show. Wildlife wins too:

Good evening! Some fun things today, including a Strawberry Seed Beetle and an exotic-looking chrysalis. Also an article on wildlife under stress – are there any observations from anyone else?

Good evening! An embroidery project at the village hall, an update from Allotments Plantation and more of your ID questions:

Good morning! Some interesting stories today, including an update of “our” swifts at the village hall, and news of an Affpuddle soldierfly:

Good morning! Check into Audrey’s Five-star bug hotel and check out what could be the most beautiful dragonfly in the parish. And much more, of course!

Good evening: Lots of photos for ID, a lucky escape from Ali’s porridge, a Slow worm in Gully Lane and a Dunnock in Affpuddle:

Good morning: Short and sweet, but we are sending out today due to updates on Nightjar nesting. Go carefully! Have a great weekend:

21 Today! Find out what and where. Also garden ponds, butterflies and moths, and a rather interesting project right on our doorstep:

Good evening! A special feature on “murder and mayhem” on Erica Trust land. Quite a story. Plus much much more in this bumper edition. Thank you as always to all our contributors:

Good morning! A focus on the Ringlet, plus a mystery creature, a wildlife pond and many other goodies to enjoy. Be inspired!

Good evening! A bumper edition to get July off to a good start. A special feature on a parasitic plant “Dodder” – something to look out for on Erica Trust land. Plus lots of ID questions, observations and photos from around the parish:

Good morning! Number 38 is coming out quickly to correct a couple of mistakes in number 37. We hate it when there are mistakes!  Thank you to everyone who corrected us. And to the many people who thanked us for the work. Enjoy the attached, with corrections AND some new stuff!

Good evening! As summer arrives, so do your observations. Something for everyone here, including an unexpected “thank you” from Dorset Council!

Good morning: Start the week with the stunning Glow-worm!  As warmer weather kicks in, enjoy being inspired by the observations attached. Have a good week:

Good evening! Lots of observations today, with some old favourites and some new observations. Check out the giant flower and the extraordinary caterpillar:

Good afternoon! Check out the recent dragonfly activity around garden ponds. Keep a look out for more of them! Plus birds, butterflies, caterpillars, flowers…. Two for the price of one today as we also have Delta’s June newsletter attached:

Good morning! If you’re feeling a bit post-Jubilee, this colourful edition will perk you up: