Wildlife Newsletter

The Newsletter is produced from contributions sent to Margaret Cheetham who puts them all together on a regular basis – see the bottom of the Newsletter for contact details. Please also contact her if you would like back copies.

This Edition: Canada Geese at Southover. Lockdown haircut for Eucalyptus trees (lucky things). Nightjar or Electric Drill? Mandarin Ducks at Moor Lane:

This Edition: Bird updates, Eucalyptus gunnii, Moss on Fallen Tree:

This Edition: Swampy Ground, Violet Oil Beetle, a March Walk, a Dutch Draught horse:

This Edition: Woodpecker feeding signs. Crossbills feeding, A nice Spring Cuppa:

This Edition: Mist, Egyptian Geese, Snow Moon,. Brimstone, Jelly Fungus, a sunny day:

This Edition: Morning Mist, The Five Hibernators. A Briantspuddle Garden, Snow Moon:

This Edition: Promoting Our Buzzards, A tiny beetle from the largest family, Great Diving Beetle:

This Edition: Ruby Tiger Caterpillar, Crossbills, Lesser Redpoll:

This Edition: Toads on the march! Views from the Parish. A daffodil memorial to seven young men:

This Edition: Fieldfares, Finding Crossbills, “Still Life”:

This Edition: Douglas Fir Cones, Great Tits

This Edition: “The Bowl”, a Wasp Beetle, Daffs, Siskins: