Wildlife Newsletter

The Newsletter is produced from contributions sent to Margaret Cheetham who puts them all together on a regular basis – see the bottom of the Newsletter for contact details. Please also contact her if you would like back copies. Please note that the files are in PDF format and usually between 0.5 and 3 Mb big:

Good evening! Get the weekend off to a great start – a handsome caterpillar, some UFOs in Throop, some strange Dragonfly behaviour, birds having fun on straw bales, Affpuddle garden updates and some more bizarre slime mould.

Good evening! End the weekend with the latest parish updates, including (on page 1) something we don’t often get the chance to see…

Good afternoon! Get ready for the weekend with another bumper edition:

Good afternoon! “What’s this yellow bloom?” and “What’s this in my veggie patch?” – more ID questions answered, plus lots of interesting observations, as always. Enjoy!

Good morning! A bumper weekend edition with observations from across the parish – Oakers Bog, Moreton Heath, Erica Trust land, Rogers Hill…. And of course our back gardens!

Good morning! A bumper midweek edition full of flowers, woodland, insects and birds – something for everyone, as always. Enjoy!

Good morning! Kick off the week with this delightful newsletter, featuring a fungus, a ladybird, Cetti’s Warbler, Bog Asphodel and much more. Enjoy!

Good morning! Start your weekend early with another bumper edition. Check out the new “Nightjar Trail” on Erica Trust land and the latest updates on the cattle there. And lots more, of course!

Good morning! A bumper mid-week issue with molluscs, foxgloves, caterpillars, deer and much more! (For those of us in thatched cottages, the Thatch Pearl is interesting!):

Good morning! This weekend’s edition features a very innovative nest, a bright orange flower, and a large family of Swallows – plus the latest updates from the insect world.  Something for everyone!

Good morning! The perfect way to kick off July – a visit to Bladen Valley. A special feature on Slender St Johns-wort, plus an array of butterflies and a beautiful Damselfly:

Good morning! No need to visit Constable at the National Gallery – you can check out the attached instead. Plus a special feature on a Woolly Bear – and other goodies of course:

Good morning! Excitement in the parish, with a deerfly bite and a confused Sparrowhawk. Plus other goodies of course. A great start to your week:

Good morning! Today we have a Butterfly, a Beetle and a Bird. Find out what the Malachite Beetle gets up to… Lots of inspiration and ideas for the weekend: