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The lights and scaffolding at Affpuddle are gone.

2019 Village Awards

Winner of the previous winners category for Dorset Best Small Village 2019

Councillor Sue jones receiving the Award
Councillor Sue Jones receiving the Award

In 2018 the Parish Council entered Briantspuddle into the small village category of the competition and was very pleased to be awarded first prize.  Having won before excludes entry into the full competitionfor a number of years, but entry is possible to a previous winners section.  The Parish Council decided to put Briantspuddle forward.  The awards ceremony took place on Tuesday 1st October at Cerne Abbas village hall where the village was awarded first prize in this category.  As well as receiving plaques there was a cash prize of £100.

A number of factors are taken into account when judging this award and a significant one is the absence of litter.  The Parish Council would like to thank all those who took part in the annual litter pick which took place in April.  In addition, thanks go out to all parishioners who collect litter on a regular basis when out walking.

Runner up in the Community Heritage Project 2019 Awards

As all will recall the Parish Council purchased Briantspuddle telephone box from BT for £1.  Councillors asked parishioners how they would like to see the box utilised and the overwhelming choice was for an information kiosk.  Volunteers came forward to turn this into a reality and set about the task of designing content to fit the space. They also produced photographs, illustrations and text to overlay onto mapping.  Overall any visitor will gain a snapshot of the history, architecture, natural habitat and wildlife that help to make up the parish.

Sunday 28th April 2019 saw the official opening of the Mini Information Centre and ever since it has been very well received and admired by residents and visitors alike. 

The Parish Council entered the project in the Community Heritage category of the awards and amid some very stiff completion was awarded runner up.  In addition to a plaque there was a cash prize of £50.

The complexity of this project could not have been delivered without the skill and dedication of the volunteers who came forward.  The Parish Council would like to thank those involved for answering its call for help, expertise and support.

Erica Trust

Slightly later than anticipated, the contractors should be back on site this coming week. The task now is mainly directed at reducing the alien conifer content of the woodland – i.e. leaving most Scots pine, larch and  the broadleaves.  Holly will be thinned to get more light to the old oaks. 

You may notice that leaves are now  falling off the Rum cherries – marked by pink twine.  We need to be rid of these alien invaders, but do not want to disturb things more than necessary, particularly in sensitive areas. So we are giving them a ‘second life’ as dead standing timber.  In that form they will support all sorts of native wildlife whilst allowing more light to get through to the other trees and ground flora. 

As before your tolerance and support whilst works are in progress is much appreciated. 

Best wishes Lesley

for The Erica Trust 21 September 

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