Affpuddle Traffic Lights

With work proceeding at a pace the scafolding is now likely to be removed together with the traffic lights by the end of September.

Erica Trust

The first phase of conifer reduction to restore heathland is complete – although a good scattering of trees, and tree groups, have been left and some parts will be allowed to regenerate into natural woodland there will be a greater variety of habitat than used to be the case. In the autumn the process of conifer reduction in the broadleaved woodland of those distant slopes, which was also planted with conifers, will commence. The whole variety of heathland, and broadleaved woodland, and all things between, will be present again.

Briantspuddle Telephone Box has a new lease of life

Opened on 28th April – for details click on mini information centre

or click on this link to read the article in the Dorset Echo. The centre has also been featured on the fledgling local Radio Station Keep 106 – many thanks to Rob Mott for that and good luck with the new station

Temporary Traffic Lights in Affpuddle

A three-way temporary traffic light system has been installed on the B3390 to allow building work to be carried out at Peony Cottage following a house fire.  These lights are likely to be operating for some 8 months from mid-February 2019.

As residents will be aware this is a busy section of road, made more dangerous by visibility issues created by the Z bend. 

What to do if the lights are not working?

The phone number to report any malfunction to the contractor does appear on each traffic light.  This number is 07971 087167 and will get you through to a 24-hour helpline to report technical issues with the lights themselves.  It is not a Dorset County Council number to get through to Highways and cannot be used to report other issues or concerns.

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