Briantspuddle Music Group

The Music Group members practice together once a month, normally on a Saturday morning in the Village Hall and charge a small subscription (currently £2) to attend per session.  We were grateful for start-up finding from Dorset POPP.  We have developed into a small wind band with piano accompaniment, but we also enjoy playing solo items to each other, including our one child member.  In December, Dr Richard Hall came to one of our sessions and gave us some very helpful coaching.  We recently made our second public appearance by providing some of the musical entertainment for the New Year’s Eve party, by kind invitation of the Village Hall Committee.  The audience were generous in their applause and we all had good fun, including joining with Campbell de Burgh on the bagpipes for Auld Lang Syne at midnight!

Now we are focussing on widening our repertoire. We would dearly love to have more members – woodwind, brass, strings, percussion, recorders, all are welcome and we will work out together how to link in newly-joined instrument players with what we are doing.  A safeguarding policy is in place and we would particularly like to have more children or teenagers; if recorders are needed we can provide them.

At the moment we consist mainly of woodwind players and pianists and range in age from 11 to 70’s.  It would be great to extend our range of instrumentalists – percussion, brass, strings – and to have more young people, perhaps with a recorder section.  What we play depends very much on who turns up and what they like – show music, jazz and classical all get represented.

If you are interested, just turn up (children please bring a parent) at our next session in Briantspuddle Village Hall.  For date, time and more information ring Jonathan Haigh on 01929 471768 (email ).